I often feel a longing.
To be away from the modern world.

Away from the screens.
Away from the endless emails.
The infinite scrolling.
The distractions.
The constant car noise.
The grey concrete
and all those perfectly straight lines.

I feel a calling.

To be out amongst old growth trees, surrounded by cresting hills or resting beside a murmuring stream.
Simply walking through a well tended garden can answer that call. Not a blade of artificial grass in sight.
It's out in those wild places, both large and small, that I gathered the photographic imagery collaged within this new series, entitled "Relics of the Wild".
Having seen so much computer generated art in the NFT and AI generated art spaces over the past few years I've been feeling a real need to increase my artworks sense of connection to the tactile embodied energies of our world.
For over 17 years the imagery that I used to collage my compositions with was sourced from the vast virtual ocean of the Internet.
In order to move beyond the edges of my narrow screen-captured vision I've now decided to cast my own small net, into much more local and real waters.
All pieces in this series are composed using elements taken directly from my own photography.​​​​​​​
From farmland hedgerows and small stoney beaches, to garden flowers and passing cloud formations. Momentary encounters that we can all very easily pass by and miss, I now wish to fold and weave directly into the body of my work.​​​​​​​

Alongside the artwork that emerges from this new exploration I'll also be documenting the process and journeys I take, via my newsletter and Instagram account, to give the work much more depth and context, an aspect that I think CGI artwork often lacks.

I also hope to encourage you to go out and encounter the wild world as well, beyond this digital filter...

Bespoke "Relics of the Wild" print packaging
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