It's up to you whether you want to ask a specific question or simply let the cards speak to you as they come up.
I'll be using the four card spread pictured below. I'll photograph your cards and send them to you via email, along with an audio recording of me explaining the cards and overall meaning.
Below is an explanation of the spread, please refer to this beforehand (I'll send you a link to this page with the email):
The Past card will be something to maybe let go of or an acknowledgment of previous actions or circumstances.
The Present card represents something to focus on or maybe change in the present.
The Future card focuses on where you're heading, what to move towards or maybe a warning of what to avoid.
The Power card defines the overarching energy of the whole spread.

The Tarot is often referred to as having a narrative structure, so this spread can also be seen as a beginning, middle and end to a certain aspect of your current life. The Power card can therefore be seen as the 'moral of the story'.
Sometimes the cards also 'speak to each other' pictorially, so the predefined spread structure may not always be as important as an overall view of the cards. The tarot is an art form not a science.
It's also helpful to try and interpret the cards yourself. Something may turn up that definitely relates to your life, symbolically or otherwise, that I can't recognise on your behalf - I'm not a mind reader (yet)!
Any questions please let me know beforehand. As I say, I'm fairly new to reading the tarot for other people, so be aware that I'm still in the learning process myself. Which, hearing from long term tarot readers, never really comes to an end anyway.
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